Monday, January 28, 2013

Wellness Haven YOGA Schedule

                                                    Last Updated by Umang: 2/27/2013

Link to Wellness Haven Weekly Calendar, Holiday Schedule and Emergency Announcements -> Wellness Haven Weekly Calendar

“Together we can help create a peaceful, just, sustainable and healthy world.” ~ Deepak Chopra

Wellness Haven stands for ALL aspects of YOGA: Mental and Spiritual (Meditation Classes), Prana/Life-Force (Pranayama/Controlled Breathing Classes), Physical (Yoga Asanas/Posture/Alignment Exercises), Nutritional (Nutrition Classes), Body Relaxation (Massage Sessions), Stress Free Life (Life Style and Accountability Coaching) 
Be Healthy, Be Happy – Bring Yoga in your Life just like you Breathe 

(All external deals are for FIRST TIME CUSTOMERS ONLY!).

Our New Student Registration process is 3 folds for we are serious about your health, and we do not allow new students walking in to a class without completing the registration process.

Step 1: New Student Online Registration: link–> New Student Online Mandatory Registration  (with all applicable information and including any Voucher#/Bar Code/Pincode)
Step 2 and 3 : New Student Initiation and Orientation: 
When you register online through step 1. you are asked to let us know when you would like to come in for New Student Initiation ($55 value is offered as a compliment to those becoming our students) and Orientation by looking at the Wellness Haven Calendar: link–> Wellness Haven Weekly Calendar and Holiday Schedule  for the time slots reserved for this process. We will email you confirming the date and time we will meet you.
Once we have the above in place, new students are much more comfortable in coming into our studio and maximize their health benefits. Our philosophy on health is very unique and does not allow us to simply allow students to walk in, do their downward dog, go through the number of class signed up for and leave! We build a health-relationship and we impact you so that you maximize your health benefits.

As a New Student, you will find all necessary information at our new website page for new students: 

Wellness Haven Weekly Calendar and Holiday Schedule:

Link to the New Student Registration Form:

We will call/email you once we review your details. We appreciate your support.  :-P